VIP Shopping Club BAG

VIP Shopping Club BAG

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Welcome to the ultimate VIP shopping club!! This bag holds the key to the discounts and perks that come with being a VIP member! Here's how it works:

- Your bag is worth an automatic 15% OFF and can be used 5 times a month (either in store or online) and is active for one year from the time you purchase!

- Your bag will come with a personalized code that will have 5 uses each month and will reload at the beginning of each month, they do not roll over. (The 5 uses include any trips in store)

- On VIP days and events your bag will unlock new perks and discounts!

- Whatever FITS in the bag will be included in your discount!

You have joined a club full of great sales and surprises, we cant wait for you to be a VIP member!

*VIP discounts do not include local artisans or sale items as usual.